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How to Select the Right Gun Holster

A little known fact is that most gun owners spend an inordinate amount time researching on the right kind of gun to use. Little attention is paid to getting a good gun hostler after purchasing the gun. A fact worth noting is that a holster is an interface between the gun and the body thus should be chosen just as carefully as choosing the gun. An ill-suited hostler can lead to discomfort while carrying a gun, a compromised draw stroke or even results in the loss of the firearm. Apart from price there other factors to consider when it comes to choosing a good holster.

Other issues to look into when it comes to selecting a holster such as the types of holster material. When it comes to choosing the right material leather and plastic holsters are the best to choose. An amazing fact is that leather holsters require some time to stretch, but they eventually adapt to the shape of the gun thus become more comfortable with age. Overtime the leather can become lose but the owner need not worry because after putting in water for half a minute and letting it dry overnight it becomes tight again. It is incredible to highlight that thermoplastics such as Kydex and injection-molded plastics can be used to make holsters and the merit of these holsters is that they do not require a break-in period. Plastic holsters, unlike leather ones, can grip parts of the gun such as the trigger guard and click it into place using friction. The danger with thermoplastics is that they can melt if let on a car dashboard on a hot day.

Weapon retention is also another major consideration when selecting a gun holster. Holsters that have some form of retention prevent cases of guns dropping in public or someone grabbing the gun without the owner’s knowledge. An open holster is okay if the gun owner wants to carry a concealed weapon. In some situations where the gun might be exposed it is important that the holster has some retention device such as thumb-break snap. The owner just needs to ensure that the retention mechanism can be disengaged during the drawing motion.
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Concealment is another major issue when it comes to carrying around guns. Many holsters are designed for open carry, but there are holsters that are designed for concealment from prying eyes. For a holster to be able to be concealed, it has first to be able to hide underneath clothing and so close to the body such that it becomes invincible. Some holsters have strategically placed belt-loops to bring the gun more tightly to the waist in such a manner that the carrier can tuck a shirt over the gun and such holsters are an excellent choice for a gun owner that wants to conceal their gun.On Products: My Rationale Explained